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Lorenzo Romar: “Pressure Defense” 2018 Great West Coaches Clinic (Los Angeles) Notes | Coach Bryant King

Pressure Defense

  • Need quickness and length
  • Two rules that changed – Had to adjust
  • 5-second count & hand-checking rule
  • Drills
    • Teach technique that deny the pass & contest
    • Build floor position
  • Ball Up
    • Push Sideline/Baseline
    • Can’t go middle or blow by
    • Not interested in steal but have to contain/slide feet
    • Once O picks ball up over – D gets into space
    • Ball down D gaps & drops
    • Coach stands behind D and points up/down/L/R for 3 dribbles then calls dead
  • Post Up
    • Deny all paint passes
    • D in front of post goes toward corner when ball is swung around
    • Post goes around w/ D to each spot
    • Post comes to elbow – D makes no contact until he get there and then fronts him